Kentucky Deer Hunting - 400 Acre Property - CALLS ONLY for questions - 270-766-7166

42 Turkeys in plot on 2/2019

$500 3 day/night Turkey Hunts

$800 5 day/night Bow Hunts 

$1,900 4 day/night gun hunts

All hunts have a 125" min. buck rule

Call/text 270-766-7166

Free cabin use

No meals/No Guide service

Corn auto feeders

Tree stands setup

Box blinds setup

2020 Hunting Rates

Please make sure to get in writing, email, or text what is being offered.

I really find it hard to believe any outfitter would tell you blatantly incorrect information given the fact that everything is within emails and texts nowadays. 

This is do-it-yourself Hunting

Free Cabin Use


You will be in a 2019 small cabin with bedding, electricity, heat, air, etc.; however, you get to use an outhouse!  Running water outside.  

Trail Cam Photos


The trail cam photos seen here were taken on the very property you will be hunting, not 30 miles away, not from 25 leased farms over the years, the very property available for you to hunt.

Game Management


125" minimum buck rule in place & we do not whack does during trophy hunts.  If you want easy deer meat, book a hunt in January and we will set you up.

Meet the Owner


Owner of this deer hunting operation has lived on this road for 50 years.  So did his dad.  So did  his grandfather.

What is do-it-yourself Hunting


Getting a guide/profession hunter (PH) is the best!  However, that is not what we offer.  Here, we do not cook food for you or walk you to your stands.  You show up and hunt.

After Booking Your Hunt


Upon receiving your deposit, you will get a map of the property snail-mailed to you that shows location of feeders, ladder stands, blinds, cabin, etc.

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Affordable Kentucky Bow Hunts


Isn't it nice not always seeing men  bow hunting? Click here for more good photos, but also good Turkey Hunting information

Gun Hunts


Click for some Kentucky gun hunting tips about your gun or modern rifle. Also have some Kentucky deer season info.

Crossbow Hunting


Kentucky hunting forums can give you good info on crossbow hunts.  Click here to see more turkey hunting with arrows.

Highly Recommended Outfitters

Turkey Trot Farms


Hunting properties that hold and have produced record class bucks. 

Ky Whitetail Outfitter


World class whitetail deer hunting.  Large property high-fence operation.

western kentucky whitetails


Hunting at Western Kentucky Whitetails was truly amazing! 

Western Kentucky Deer Hunts


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Jackson Purchase Outfitters


Kentucky deer hunting paradise with great success rates.

$800 Kentucky Deer Hunts

Kentucky Deer Hunts

Hunt over 13+ food plots.  Cick for details:

Recommended Kentucky Deer Hunts

Kentucky trophy buck

What Kentucky Outfitter Should I Use?

Trophy deer hunting a year-round managed land is done because your time is precious.  Look through our TOP 30 PICKS here.  How to choose a Kentucky hunting outfitter & Kentucky Hunting Guides

Kentucky turkey hunting

Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Looking for just Kentucky deer hunting leases?  Not all Kentucky deer hunting outfitters offer the same services.  KYTurkey season.

Kentucky deer hunts

Kentucky Deer Hunts

Kentucky outfitters strive for repeat business.  It's a balance of a good hunt, quality service, good food, good amenities, and price.  There is no "best outfitter".  The "best" would be a 100,000 acre high fence preserve that only allows 1 hunter every 5 years for 5 dollars.

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Professional Hunting Guide Service

Hunting Guide Service

Do you need a professional hunting guide service for your Kentucky deer hunt? All things being equal, why not? To pretend going on a paid hunting trip is like choosing what to buy at McDonald’s is not realistic. Kentucky deer hunting and Kentucky turkey hunting cost money and you need to decide what works best for you and your hunting style. With so much time and effort spent finding, planning, buying equipment, licenses, etc., why not spend a little extra to add to your success rate and enjoyment? This is a vacation too! When you factor in costs store bought food, restaurants, hotels, driving back and forth, etc., I think you’ll find the added costs of a full-service Kentucky hunting outfitter to be well worth it. There are added factors involved with having an owner and/or employees on site to assist you.   This is just something I don't offer.  The deer management and food plots are done, you just come and hunt this place

Bow Hunting vs. Gun Hunting

Kentucky bow hunting

There is not right or wrong opinion here. Outdoorsman and women come from all sort of different backgrounds. Some with more experience, some with more money, some with more time to spend in the woods, etc. It all adds up to deciding what Kentucky whitetail hunting trip you want to plan. Those with lots of deer hunting experience will probably have “progressed” to stalking and hunting smart bruiser bucks with a compound bow or muzzle-loader. In time, some people’s jobs are more demanding or hunters just don’t want to spend extra time in the woods as they used too. It’s a process of the outdoors, so when you see an older gentleman spending big bucks on a Kentucky trophy whitetail hunt sitting on well managed food plots for a 3 day hunt, he too was likely an avid young sportsman shooting a 240 fps bow back in the day! What we all need to realize is “time” is a defining part of our lives and we balance it by spending time in the outdoors.  

Youth Deer Hunt

Kentucky Youth Hunt

There are some parents that worry about the safety of their youth hunters in their quest to slay a bruiser Kentucky whitetail buck. Kentucky hunting seasons exists so that the kids get a chance in the woods prior to all the adult gun hunters. It serves a purpose to try to ignite a little spark of interest by offering young Kentucky hunters a legitimate chance and shooting a nice big deer prior to the seasonal culling of many bucks.    During Kentucky’s youth deer hunting season is one of the best times to deer hunt.  Kids not having reached 16 years of age yet can go out mid-October with an adult and hunt with a modern rifle. The kids are the first in the woods to be out there to have a range of 150-300 yards. Archary hunters of today talk about ethical shots at 60 yards, but they can reach 100 yards for an unethical shot. I’m just getting old because I remember when 40 yards was nice piece of work.   

Kentucky Whitetail Hunting Options

Do-It-Yourself Hunts

    What are some things you should expect to encounter on a “do-it-yourself” deer hunt? It really depends on the levels of a Kentucky deer hunting outfitter styles, but you should be able to tell the difference between a professional who puts in a lot of effort into their deer hunting property and a person who is leasing land for you to hunt on. There is a substantial difference.    

  1. Ask if they have any stands on the property.
  2. How many stands? 
  3. What kind of stands? Ladder stands? Elevated box blinds? 
  4. Do you feed them corn? How do you feed them corn? By the bag just before season or year-round on auto-feeders? 
  5. How many food plots are on the property?
  6. What type of food plots?
  7. Do you fertilize the food plots?
  8. Do you have a place for us to stay? What is the cabin like?
  9. Can we see the property prior to booking?   

These are all legitimate questions that should give you a good idea of what to expect from the property. There are 100 more you could ask, but the way evolution works on a small scale, the more questions you ask and they are willing to answer, the higher the price goes up. Time is 100% money. After the 5th question or so, they will suspect you are calling 30 other places and then suddenly their chances of selling you a hunt are 1 in 30. Ultimately they have 5 other hunters to call and will gladly answer a handful of questions you have for them, so pick the important questions you’d like to know and visit the property!   When you call on these well-managed do-it-yourself hunts, you should NOT expect the following services: · A professional guide · Someone to drag your deer out of the woods · Someone to help gut your deer · Someone walking you to your stand · Someone cooking food for you · Someone to take professional photos for you   These are all things that cost extra.  You should be offered a map of the property so you can navigate it as well as the locations of all the stands, food plots and trails.  

Kentucky Hunting Forums

Success Rates vs. Opportunity Rates

Kentucky outfitters

Going on paid Kentucky trophy deer hunts has evolved in the last decade. Between the internet and trail cameras, there has been an extreme morphing of the definition from trophy to a “participation trophy”. Where is a delicate balance of a good chance to shoot a trophy buck vs. a certainty of shooting a buck? At some point there is a transition from skilled Kentucky hunt to a trophy that represents your hobby and how you have succeeded in life financially. Deer hunting in Kentucky can offer many challenges and you need to decide how many of those challenges you have time to face taking off of work!   

Success Rates – This is a common request hunters make to Kentucky deer hunting outfitters. It’s a fair question, but what that number suggests varies from outfitter to outfitter. Technically, is it a good harvest success rate if count shot does? Is it 100% if a hunter spends 100+ hours in the woods to only kill 1 buck? What if a seasoned trophy hunter passes up a 140 inch deer and doesn’t see anything else; should that Kentucky whitetail outfitter be penalized?   

Opportunity Rates – This has become the norm that factors in missed shots, clients passing up shooter bucks, etc., so that it does not “penalize” the professional hunting guide service stats.    In the scientific world, this statistic should morph into an hours hunted per killed buck ratio. Science? This is Kentucky deer hunting! Enjoy the outdoors.  

The Right Kentucky Outfitter

Kentucky hunting lease

The hunting trip in Kentucky is planned, but what Kentucky hunting outfitter is right for you? We know price is a #1 priority, but in a capitalistic society, great paid Kentucky deer hunts don’t always mesh up with the cheapest. There is state land that can be hunted, but the days of the old timers letting people hunt on the property they inherited or bought for $700 per acre are gone. Deer hunting in Kentucky has been impacted by the internet. The word is out! Land is valuable and so are antiques - thanks American Pickers.    

  • Just a few things you should consider before paying to go Kentucky deer hunting:   
  • What type of cabin do you want to stay in? 
  • Do you want food cooked for you? 
  • Do you want a professional guide service available? 
  • Do you want guarantees or a super high success rate? 
  • Do you want a “participation trophy” or a “hunting trophy”? 
  • What are your expectations for a Kentucky trophy whitetail? 
  • How many days do you have to hunt? 
  • Do you want to hunt over food plots or large farm fields?

 You can find land to lease from an outfitter in a wide price range. You will need to search Kentucky hunting forums and read about ky deer hunting experiences to choose the hunt that is best for you.  

Kentucky gun Hunts

Kentucky gun hunting

If you’re the type of hunter looking for high success rates, the a Kentucky gun hunt should be for you! They do cost more money because of the shortened gun season in the state of Kentucky and the 1 buck limit, but it’s about striking a balance between time off and away from family.   

From a 30-30 to a 300 Winchester Magnum, we all have our opinions on the best Kentucky deer hunting gun. Most of us Kentucky hunting outfitters will agree that the average shot taken during gun season is 74.3 yards. The need for a 6.5 Creedmoor precision hunting weapon would be for fun vs. being a requirement.    

Whitetail hunting starts peaks in October and on through November. Of course the best time to hunt is any time you can. Some people, for discussion only for very few practice what they preach, focus on moon phases, weather patterns, etc. 

Kentucky deer season is really great mid-November when the modern rifle season opens up. It will last for 10-14 days depending on what zone you hunt. 

If you’re looking for trail cam photos, this too is one of the best times to get shots!   

Kentucky Deer Hunts

Kentucky trophy buck

What's Included with a Kentucky Outfitter?

I didn’t know what an “outfitter” was until someone pointed out that I do the exact same things as an actual “Kentucky deer hunting outfitter”. So it’s fair to say that a lot of hunters aren’t really familiar with the term. There are even more people that may have heard of professional hunting guides or hunting outfitters, but the services they offer are across the board! 

Here are a few things that are usually included in no particular order.   · 

  • Land to hunt 
  • Stands pre-hung + elevated blinds · 
  • Scouting reports and suggestions on where to hunt 
  • Trail cam research 
  • Year-round feeding program / baiting 
  • Corn baiting for your upcoming hunt  
  • Food services  
  • Lodging availability 
  • Some assistance after the harvest 
  • Food plot program   

There are Many Different Levels of Guide Services

There are many different levels and services of a professional hunting guide and a Kentucky outfitter. 

If you’ve booked a Kentucky turkey hunt, certainly having a professional guide assist you with calling in the turkeys can be available. Does this cost extra money? Of course. Any time you need a human being to do things for you, it will cost extra money unless you refer to them as “Mom”. Is the extra money worth it? Of course. There are some people that need zero assistance and just want the property to be well managed with stands hung and send them out on their way. Other people do need some extra assistance whether it’s transportation to and from blinds or help with field dressing the animal. 

Not all outfitters provide the same thing so it’s important you find out. Most people don’t need someone to tell them what way to look in a blind, but having an extra hand dragging a Kentucky trophy deer out of the woods and even getting the taxidermy taken as a “one-stop shop” are certainly nice amenities to have for you.  

When is your Favorite KY Deer Season?

Hunting Crop Land


  What kind of land do you want to hunt?   What type of hunting do you want to do? There is no right or wrong answer here. It really depends on your style and being honest with yourself. Ask yourself the following question:   · Are you alert when you are out hunting? Be honest. Some people, like myself, like to shut your eyes and open them regularly. · Are you on your phone a lot texting people? Do you play video games? · Do you pay extra special attention to being as scent free as you can? · Can you shoot 250 yards? · What type of Kentucky trophy buck are you looking to harvest? · Do you enjoy hunting in thick woods…hearing deer walk, but not being able t see them? · Do you prefer being able to potentially see 30 deer in a corn field 500 yards away? · Do you have a personal belief that big deer don’t wonder into open corn fields during shooting hours?   So ask yourself these things then determine what type of deer hunting in Kentucky you think would suit you the best? 

Hunting Wooded Land


Do you like hunting on or near corn auto-feeders? Do you like hunting from the ground? If you’re on your phone a lot, then you have something to do with your time and likely not to get frustrated sitting deep in the woods. The key is staying in the woods. Having a positive attitude and the drive to get out there early and leave late is really a big key in success.   Open field hunting is fun. You can get a glimpse of deer running across a field. Who doesn’t like that! Some believe that monster bucks aren’t as likely to be hanging out in open fields after the gun shots start flying, so some like to mix it up or have the options to hunt in the woods. Deer habitat is important and there is zero habitat or cover for deer in open corn fields that have been harvested. But remember, those are huge sources of food for a lot of deer, so you know the big bucks aren’t that far away.   If you prefer a wooded environment, you can still have 100’s of yards of range that you can see through. The leaves will be on the ground by mid-Novemeber, so you can see deer passing through out of range, it’s just you won’t be seeing deer 500-1000 yards away in a traditional farm field.                   Deer 

Hunting Food Plots


Hunting in Kentucky maintains a sportsman-like level by introducing kids to the sport in a way they have a chance to out perform seasoned adult hunters. If you get a chance to allow your child to go on Kentucky deer hunt with an outfitter, all the work has been put in. Most properties cost $25,000 up to $100,000 per year just to own and keep the food plots going for good deer management. You do the math. Your child will be the first in the woods with a modern rifle for usually a price range from $1,000-$3,000. With the average cost of a Kentucky hunting outfitter being significant, I’m not sure if a Kentucky youth hunt isn’t a bargain.  

Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Want a quality turkey hunt?

How much fun is turkey hunting? If you like the outdoors, like the action, like being stealthy, like the stalk, but don’t have time to invest that trophy deer hunting takes, then turkey hunting in Kentucky may be for you. It’s a sport that requires preparation, pretty much the same tools and equipment deer hunting, does, but it’s just nowhere near as expensive. And of course one of the major benefits to turkey hunting is that it’s not during the real cold winter days! It’s when you can go out in the woods for an hour or two and hit optimum hunting times. 

What size of shotgun?

You can call and communicate with the birds which is a lot of fun!   So what do you use when you go turkey hunting? Well, it’s pretty much illegal to use any type of rifle. Shotguns are ideal. 410, 20 gauge or 12 gauge are the most common weapons. Do you need a blind to hunt out of? Not really, you can brush in something yourself or hunt out of a ground plant that will help conceal any movements. 

Cost of turkey hunts

Kentucky turkey do have very sharp eyes, but thats not all, they usually have about 10-30 eyeballs looking around as they travel in groups.    How much does it cost to do a quality turkey hunt in Kentucky? You’ll surf the websites but I think the average cost for Kentucky turkey hunting with an outfitter will run $650 per person? This price can easily hit $1,200 of course, but I really shouldn’t write in $$ values because with inflation, these prices change over time. Will turkey hunts cost 1 million dollars each? Yes. They already do, just not in U.S. dollars.    

Youth Hunting

You get to buy calls, buy decoys that actually work! Unlike deer decoys, turkey decoys contribute to a much higher success rate. They make for great up and close video as well. Shots are within 50 yards and it’s sort of tough to miss with a shot gun. This is an excellent sport to introduce kids too just because of the amount of time you have to invest into the woods and the different encouraged acitvities and movements that take place during a turkey hunt.   

How to Book a Hunt with a Kentucky Hunting Outfitter

Make a Phone Call


After you have decided on an outfitter to book with, what do you do now? In fact, let’s step back. A lot of 1st-timers don’t even know what it means to “book a hunt”. Essentially when you decide to choose a Kentucky hunting outfitter, you want to make sure you lock in a guaranteed date with the outfitter / hunting property owner. Most Kentucky deer hunting outfitters will require a 50% deposit to “book” a specific date. Some will take credit cards by phone, and most will take personal checks and money orders. 

Ask Questions or Take a Tour


The reality is when you book a trophy deer hunt, it’s a plan for 3-8 months down the road. The check will have plenty of time to clear, that is why hunting outfitters don’t mind taking personal checks.   Once you get your date locked in, often time that outfitter will send you a little more information about the hunts. At that point you will usually be required to send in the final payment 30 to 60 days prior to your hunt. The property owner or Kentucky outfitter needs time for either your check to clear or if for some reason you change your mind, they need a little time to re-sell that hunt. 

Send a Depsoit


Some will offer refunds or the right to use that money at a later date on a hunt if you tell them within X number of days before the actual hunt.    Make sure you don’t ever book a hunt from texting or emailing. Every Kentucky hunting outfitter will tell you this! Most of want to speak to you anyone and make you feel comfortable they aren’t an online scam. Many would love for you to check out the property before you book and/or go online and see their website.  

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  • All any Kentucky outfitter needs to do is put in their own photos and business name.  
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