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Kentucky Hunting

Kentucky hunting

Modern Rifle Hunting Do's and Don'ts

I'm not sure of the direction of this supposed Kentucky hunting article.  It was really just an excuse for you men out there to look take a look at women with guns without getting in trouble with your spouses!  

#1)  Use scentless oil - So many of the hunters, including 90% of you that are reading this article, don't bother making sure your weapon is as scent free as you are.  We all spend time storing our clothes in bins and making sure they don't reek of non-outdoor scent.  Your guns will always have an odor to you, but it will boil down to being detected from 500 yards to 50 yards.  And if you have a bad wind, you'll be busted anyway.

Kentucky deer hunting

Sighting in your Deer Rifle

#2)  I have a precision gun.  I won't shoot random match ammo!  I have to test 7 boxes of match ammo just to find the best possible load that fits my gun.  With that said, I'll just buy random 30-06 ammo.  As long as I'm shootig 2 inches MOA with my deer rifle it's good enough for me.  Now shooting against buddies, I wouldn't waste the cheap 40 cent shell to embarrass myself around "shooters".  But don't let people make you believe you need a modern rifle that shoot sub MOA groups when you're taking down Kentucky trophy deer less than 300 yards.  That's what multiple shots are for!

Kentucky deer hunts

Know how much your Bullit Drops

#3)  It won't take you 5 minutes to type in the grain or type of bullit you are shooting online to find out how much it drops at 200, 300 and even 400 if you have the balls to shoot that far.    It doesn't take a world-class shooter to hit deer at 400 yards, but it does take some practice and knowing your gun.  I'd hate to see anyone who has bothered to read this far down to miss a monster buck at 400 yards just because they didn't look up their ammo drop.  My hunch is if you've read this far down, either your a fan and trying to learn more about what I do, or you know your ammo drop.