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I like writing about Kentucky outfitters. As an avid hunter and deer manager myself, the term “outfitter” was foreign to me up until just a few years ago. Unless you come from a little extra money or your dad raised you in a upper-class element of hunting, it’s just a term that us normal blue collar middle class folks aren’t used to hearing. This is just from my average middle-class experience anyway.   So let’s look at what Western Kentucky outfitters do without getting into the specifics of deer hunting in Kentucky with a deer outfitter. Outfitters generally offer a well-managed area to hunt deer, turkey or any animal really. This is more of a passion with these folks because I promise you they don’t make a lot of money doing it. They manage expensive animals and very expensive pieces of property that are relatively useless expect for giving out free oxygen to city folks who make the big money or hunting privileges. Since it doesn’t pay to give O2 to society, these people have to charge allowing you to hunt deer on their land or have you pay Kentucky hunting outfitters who then pay them.

What Deer Hunters Should Expect

Pretty much all Kentucky outfitters provide you some type of lodging. Pretty much all outfitters provide you some type of face-to-face service as far as providing food, taking you to stands, helping you field dress deer, etc. Some create wonderful welcoming brochures of services, what to expect, what time to expect things, how to get your licenses, etc. Others might just tell you to bring your own food and pick up your licenses at Wal-Mart before you arrive. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to Kentucky outfitters and the most obvious ways to differentiate them is by price. Doesn’t it always boil down to this? There are many limiting factors that keep prices in the same range, and it’s mainly do to the finite time you can hunt deer and the finite number of trophy deer most people want to hunt. Just because you have land doesn’t mean you have nice deer on the property. Just because you have a million dollar home/lodge on the property doesn’t mean you have nice deer on the property.    With the internet, now you can do a little more research to determine which Kentucky deer hunting outfitter suits your needs and your budget.