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Kentucky bow hunting

Kentucky bow hunting

Paid Gun Hunts vs. Paid Bow Hunts

Are you considering on going on your first or another paid whitetail hunting trip? It’s a tough decision between going Kentucky bow hunting vs. a gun hunt. Most consider gun hunting a situation where you double or triple your chances of bagging a nice buck. On the flip side to that, many people like the challenge of the hunting of an animal with cheap bow hunts giving the Kentucky trophy deer more of a chance, only bows themselves are not "cheap". Maybe we should call it "affordable kentucky deer hunts".  There is no right or wrong opinion on this.    

Many modern rifle hunters move on to bow hunting because they’ve had some success with a gun and now they want to move onto a greater challenge. Other gun hunters just want to spend more time in the woods hunting and that is what bow hunting can offer the avid outdoorspersons. Am I allowed to say “outsdoorsman”?  Since 98% of the time spent in the woods by hunters is by men? Yes, I just made that stat totally up. Women reading these articles are tougher anyway because they are used to being around crude hunters…lol.    

Do you Want to Walk w/ a Trophy Animal?

The question some of us need to consider is when you are actually paying good money, do you want to make sure you walk away with a trophy animal? Keep in mind, the costs don’t stop with just the hunt. You have to pay for the mounting and processing too! This is a sport that isn’t cheap or like going out to eat no matter who you are. It’s a hobby we enjoy doing and are willing to pay a little extra for these life-long experiences.   Let’s tip our hat to those who effort bow hunting. They have to be so much more of a preditor themselves. From scent control, making very few and small movements in the stand, they have to be willing to sit in trees moreso than cushy tower blinds, and of course they have to be proficient with shooting their bow. How many people have missed bucks with bows? Just me? No matter how you shoot your Kentucky trophy whitetail it is a wonderful experience. And the ones taken with bows get to cherish the extra grains of salt of satisfaction while bragging over the campfire with their buddies.