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Kentucky Bow Hunting


How does Crossbow Hunting Fit In?

Crossbow hunting is permitted in Kentucky usually around 3 weeks per year; even more if you are deemed handicapped.  Bow hunts have a lower success rate than crossbow hunting both because of the speed and no drawback requirement, but also the accuracy.  One might also factor in 15-20 year olds tend to be lesser practices and experienced in the outdoor deer hunting or turkey hunting scene.  The implication being crossbows tend to be the second step or something you graduate too.


Kentucky Bow Hunts For Sale

Should the cost of crossbow hunting cost more than traditional archery hunting?  Probably.  The supply is much less, but the demand is much less too.  Factor in probable success rates going up and traditionally bow hunting season can in fact take place during the designated crossbow season and not vise versa.


Any still use a recurve or a stick bow?

So what should be a fair price be for recurve hunting?  I don't have the answer to that.  Depends if the bow hunter is taking up a spot of someone with a more current stringed hunting weapon.  There just isn't a market to this type of hunter.  A spot can always be created for a hunter taking on such a traditional hunting challenge.  Kentucky bow hunting is the most popular, but crossbow hunting forums are driving up that weapon as well.

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