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Choosing Western Kentucky Outfitters

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How to book a hunt

Booking the right hunt   So you’re thinking about booking a Kentucky deer hunt with one of the many western kentucky outfitters, where do you start? Well we all know most start out by looking and surfing the internet. Most will type in “Kentucky deer hunts” or “Kentucky deer hunting outfitter” on There you will find like 40 Kentucky outfitters. Now what do you do? You do what anyone else does, and that is you start looking for “rates and dates”. Then you slowly creep over to seeing the photos of deer. Then you get sucked in the rabbit hole of looking at all the photos of huge deer and forgot where you were. Your expectations get scope-locked on the guarantee of a 165 inch bruiser. Then you start sifting through websites trying to get the best-priced hunt that is matched up with the biggest photos of deer you see on camera. Am I close?   

My suggestions:  

 1. If you know someone who has been on a paid Kentucky deer hunting trip they’ve enjoyed, see if it’s within your budget and book that same hunt! That’s valuable information you should take advantage of. Most of us don’t know people who have done paid ky deer hunts, which takes me to my next point. 

2. Go to a Kentucky deer hunting forum website. Here you will find people either praising an outfitter for their wonderful experience,  or people bashing a certain hunting outfitter because they basically didn’t shoot a trophy buck. Being critical of food, or the quality of the stands or the how likable the professional hunters are usually isn’t the real issue. I personally can overlook anything and everything as long as I see deer and shoot a nice buck. Right? You’re going to have to do more sifting than looking through forums, but like in poker, all information is worth something. You’ll have to decide how much weight you put to that information, but it all helps in making your decision! 

3. The success rate question – Outfitters get this question a lot. It’s a good question, but only to see how the person answers it. Opportunity rates are more relevant because often times hunters will pass up nice 130 inch deer and never come across the 165 inch deer they seen on so many magazines. Ask yourself this, what would be the ideal advertised “success rate” on a website? honest…100% should be your answer not 0%. Under that premise, this entire concept of a “trophy buck” turns into a “participation trophy” that we all despise. There is nothing wrong with 100% success rates. These are AWESOME KENTUCKY DEER HUNTING OPERATIONS. High fence operations are for people who have already “won at life”. They make tons of money and can afford it. Maybe this is a 1-time experience for a middle class person who wants a 175-200+ inch deer as a “art piece” in their house. There is nothing wrong with this either. I’ve gone on advertised 100% success rate hunts and they are the best! There is no right or wrong, it’s what you want to do. 

4. What type of amenities are you looking for? Yes, you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean some are charging slightly more for similar services than others…so you should shop around! The fact is, some people have great reputations and can charge a little more as compared of newer places that offer the exact same service. Some spend more in advertising, some are retired and do this as extra income, some inherited their land so they have less overhead, etc. My point is shop around and decide what suits you. If you can afford to be treated like a King, fed well, etc., then that’s exactly what you should do! Maybe you can afford what you want, but you want more of a rugged do-it-yourself experience where the whitetail outfitter has been there 8 months out of the year making sure the place is managed well for you to come hunt. There is no right or wrong way to go about this.   

Kentucky's New Status of Great Deer Hunting

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Ky Hunting Secret

  Why Kentucky is having so much success with trophy Whitetail hunting:   I would say there are 2 fundamental reasons why Kentucky deer hunting has became a global powerhouse when vying for one of the best places on Earth to book a Kentucky deer hunt.   #1) Geographical Features:  · The terrain can be rather hilly and mountainous, yet the weather conditions can sustain a solid food source for deer to easily survive year-round. Subdivisions and cities are not built in hilly terrain. Farmland is not created from hilly terrain. This is the main reason why Kentucky is has better colonization luck with the whitetail population. Just like you don’t see many deer living in the oceans or humans living in the ocenas. The environment is not conducive for that particular species survival.   · 


Why deer hunting in Kentucky is great

Kentucky does not have ocean front property. 1003 Stoney Point Road, Providence, 42450.  Obviously this cuts off a direction of travel deer can migrate or an area you can attract whitetails from. If you are a state that has nothing but food plots next to a state that has nothing but big cities and development, then you can increase your deer herd. Of course with humans loving the ocean and oceans being a source of income, those areas are going to attract a higher population. · Kentucky does not border another country. In recent history, Mexico is considered a 3rd world country. Yes, “recent history”. In the history of history, the United states is like a grain of salt on all the beaches in the world...with each grain representing 100’s of years of life on the planet. Anyway, where there is poverty, there are food needs. Where there are needs of food, there will be people killing wild animals to fulfill the most basic instinct of all living creatures – self preservation. 

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Kentucky Wildlife Management

Canada has it’s own vastness of countryside with plenty of space for animals to be safe. For bigger reasons than I want to get into, whether it was migration and settlements from 100’s and 100’s of years ago, whether it’s weather/climate implications, etc, maybe rivers..actually I’m going to stop here. This is too big of a conversation to put in one silly little article that should hover around the 400 word mark to meet my purpose.      #2) Department of Fisheries and Wildlife: I think most of the state of Kentucky has “good ol’ boys” somewhere that have worked to keep a 1 buck maximum limit on legal Kentucky deer hunts. This helps tremendously with the more mature buck numbers. If you couple great management from the state with the disproportionate influx of people of Kentucky collecting disability (according to a recent study), one my step back and conclude that due to welfare and “free” insurance paid for pill (drugs) consumption, that people are getting to lazy to bother to go out and poach a few deer for food. This area has always been a good provider of wildlife, but it’s becoming so easy to get a free ride on the backs of the middle class in this country, I can twist this to say it’s helping out the deer herds! Since I’m reaching to fill content for the search engines, how about the advent of great video games! Now kids can stay in on the playstation and Xbox and become Navy Seals, professiona athletes and hunters all from their couch!   

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How to Buy a Hunting License


Kentucky makes Hunting Easy

Most Kentucky outfitters and outdoor guide services required you to purchase a license in advance off-site. This is a government regulated industry that almost always requires a fee or license of some type. In the state of Kentucky, DEER HUNTING LICENSES can be bought at any Wal-Mart. It’s also been trending nation-wide that when you fill your deer tag, it’s a “tele-check” where you simply call in and report the deer via phone vs. taking it to a “station” to let an officer of the state exam all the details.   There are exceptions to the requirement of licenses or other documents. High fence operations actually “own” the animals. They likely are highly regulated and required to pay fees out-of-pocket to be licensed to breed animals, but more times than not, Kentucky outfitters who manage high-fence operations of bucks between 130 inches to 200+ inch deer do not require you to purchase a license.    

Out-of-State Hunting Licenses Guaranteed

Kentucky is lucky in a sense that some states do not guarantee buck tags. They run things through a type of lottery system or preference points. It’s a real mess if you ask me for the outdoorsman. Some states do require an “application process” just to be able to hunt. Now if you’re a professional, Kentucky deer hunting outfitter attempting to pay the bills, how much harder did your “job” not being able to 100% guarantee hunters they can get a license?    With the advent of the internet, it’s pretty simple to look things up online from state to state to determine what you are required to do and pay to hunt Kentucky trophy deer or turkey. Rules and regulations can be hard to understand and I personally find it easiest to call the place who is the gate keeper of your licenses, Wal-Mart.