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Meet Your Outfitter if you Can

Every outfitter in Kentucky will be glad for you to stop by and visit prior to booking a hunt! These people work on their farms throughout the entire year. It’s a job for some, fun for some and a mixture of both for others. Most Kentucky deer outfitters have a routine of filling up corn feeders, fertilizing or checking on cameras. It would be a chance for you to see a farm, meet the owner or game manager, and see if it’s an area you’d like to hunt.    Now some hunters will ask if they can scout around. My answer to them is “no”. I never let people get out of the side-by-side and scent up my land. It’s not good for the deer or the other people wanting to hunt the property. Owners do have to get out in the land securing ladder stands, filling corn stations, etc., but extra traffic is just something most won’t allow.

See what you are going to Hunt

 A lot of Kentucky outfitters service land they don’t own. A lot of outfitters service a lot of land they simply don’t want anyone near until it comes time for hunting. This is great and this is what you want as a hunter!   Make not mistake though, if you want to book a Kentucky deer hunt, call several Western Kentucky outfitters for a tour. If you’re going to the effort to travel to a property, chances are 90% you will be booking with that outfitter.  It’s a win win for everyone. It’s also a chance to make sure your hard earned money is going to an actual person who actually has a deer ranch. With the easy access of the internet, also comes scammers posing as any entity they can to talk you out of your money. 

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Turkey Hunting Needs

Deciding to book a Kentucky turkey hunt can serve a few purposes. Number one, it’s a chance to get out in the woods and have a high chance of seeing turkey. Turkey are abundant especially on properties designed to manage and hold trophy whitetail deer. Turkeys have to eat too! They enjoy the auto-feeders spitting out corn near year-round and all those food plots we think are just for only deer to eat from.   How many times do Kentucky outfitters get photos of turkey and deer sharing a meal at a food plot or at a corn bait pile? It happens a lot an it’s the coolest thing. Raccoons will get in on the actions too and not be bothered by deer. Fox, possums and coyotes, well they are loners in this situation.   

Hunting with a Guide

Turkey hunting in Kentucky is a great experience because it doesn’t require you to freeze. It doesn’t require a week of your time. It doesn’t require you to sit ½ a day silent, still and scent free in hopes to get a glimpse of a shooter buck. There is almost always turkey action to be had. Even if you don’t see a gobblers during a sitting, you can still call and talk to the turkey. It’s not uncommon to hear them gobbling and a seasoned caller be able to make calls they respond to.    Usually Kentucky turkey hunts are of the 3 day / 3 night variety. That’s an assumed acceptable amount of time that would give the average hunter a reasonable chance of at least shooting one bearded turkey. You can take your kids; get them all dressed up and excited. It’s really an ideal hunting trip to introduce kids to the overall scene. From getting excited, prepared, clothed, stalking, sitting quietly for 45 to 90 minutes, carrying a gun, setting up decoys, making calls, etc. It’s the perfect introductory hunting sport for kids. Not a lot of blood to see. No smelly field dressing to take care of. The kids themselves can grab and carry the turkey out of the field, etc.