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Great Discussions on the Outdoors

All things being equal, why wouldn’t you check in to the local Kentucky deer hunting forums and see what people are saying about outfitters.   Here is a great Kentucky forums:   Sometimes what you hear can be a little like what you hear about certain teachers in the public school setting. If your kid succeeds, you will hear that teacher does a great job. If your student gets in trouble and has difficulty doing homework and passing, that parent sometimes will bad mouth that teacher. With this being the reality of people sharing their worst experiences, why not check it out! It’s a good source of information. You can learn the different types of hunting outfitters out there, maybe you can use a more affordable Kentucky turkey hunt to see the lay of the land to determine if you want to invest in a more expensive trophy deer hunt for the upcoming season.   

Forum Hunting References

Allow me to stereotype and say that most of the people checking in forums, reading, posting, ripping and being social justice warriors in mommy’s basement, tend to not be the folks in Ky hunting forums. These people have a true passion, they enjoy the outdoors and like reading about hunting for a hobby. If you read about an experience, it likely happened to them or they heard about it. The fact is when success rates are 100%, then it will be the same as giving out participation trophies after soccer tournaments and the very thing you do is no longer considered a “trophy”. Now, this might be a little non-fence rider of an opinion, but I’d much rather be a person hunting high-fence operations than someone who hunts free range fair chase animals, for this reason: If you can afford to hunt high-fence operations, you’re probably winning in the money race of life. I believe that’s why we all work…to pay the bills. Trophy animals, that are very expensive, I consider that a trophy sport tied into a “trophy” for making tons of money as well. 

To Each His Own

Again, I’d trade in my 15+- whitetails for the ability to to afford any and all high-fence operations hunts there are. No Ky hunting license required!  It’s just a balancing act of how much time you have available to you vs. how much you lose taking off from work. There is no “right or wrong”, “better or worse” way to enjoy the outdoors. If I’ve offended anyone, then please let me know because you would be 1 of the 75,000+ people per year that click on my website who will never read these articles…I’d be impressed with how thorough you were and even question your reasoning. My hunch would be that you were ciphering through my writings to find out, “Why the heck is he always at the top of search engines?” And my compliment to you would be, “Keep up the good work. You will figure out the SEO/algorithm game in due time.”   I'd also have you search a Kentucky hunting forum to learn about hot trending topics and write about them.