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Good Hunting Laws Makes for Good Kentucky Turkey Hunting

Kentucky hunting laws

Are turkey hunting and deer hunting laws a good thing?

It’s a good thing we have Kentucky turkey hunting laws. It’s just like sports. Without rules, then there is nothing but chaos and no definitive measures of what constitutes being a trophy. In other articles, I’ve spoken of “participation trophies” when talking about a hunters expectation of higher success rates. There has to be a balance of skill, success and how much you pay from your hard-earned paychecks to go Kentucky deer hunting.   Does the department of fisheries and wildlife take into consideration how many deer are poached by unethical hunters? Absolutely. If they didn’t it would be as ignorant and not accounting for how many deer are hit by vehicles.  Deer seasons are more carefully manages than Kentucky turkey hunting seasons due to business interests.  And let’s face it, our society is now driven since they are allow SUPER PACKS to bribe politicians to vote the way that will make their business most profitable. 

Insurance Companies Dictate Hunting Laws?

Make not mistake about it, insurance companies would love 100% of all deer to be removed off the planet. They’d also wipe out rain, snow and teenage drivers. They are all vegas bookies anyway. If they can get the public to over bet a certain situation, they’ll let anything go. It’s all about the odds and how much people can ciphen off the middle-class working family.   Anyway, we do need regulation when it comes to a finite resource. I hate to say “need” because the Earth doesn’t need anything. Humans can set off every nuke they have, kill the entire race, and the Earth will just laugh and be fine in 20,000 years. This is all about being selfish little cockroaches, but in our case, selfish little humans. We want the deer population to be at just the right ratio to make shooting a big Kentucky buck rather difficult, while keeping in balance hunters willingness to keep trying and keeping in line insurance premiums and the sustainability of the recreational sport for 100’s of years to come. It’s really a fascinating balance they have to come up with. There of course damage to crops to consider, disease and everything else.    If you think about it, there are not really that many natural resources officers with arresting powers floating around the state of Kentucky. If I had to guess, maybe only 2 officers per county and that would be max. Kentucky whitetail outfitters and all sportsman should appreciate their presence. Yes, some of them have egos because they are used to dealing with riff raff, but once you calmly let you check you out and make sure you’re not doing anything illegal, they will send you on your way. Just remember, if it wasn’t for them enforcing the law, idiots would be out shooting all of our big bucks with spot lights in fields out of season! It would eliminate our sport. Essentially, these criminals would be stealing $1,000 out of each of our pockets because that’s how much longer we’d have to spend in the woods trying to kill a trophy vs. being out making money doing something else.   

Deer shot for family meals

Disclaimer: I have no issue with a family killing animals for food. I actually give them props for making the effort! So many people would just rather slide their welfare credit card as if they earned that money at the local grocery store. As long as these people are good stewards of the land and not out hunting for antlers, I really think even officers might look the other way if they are simply feeding by throwing a few poached does in the back of their old pickup truck. Unfortunately for us, these types of hard-working people who do live at the impoverished level are becoming few and far between. Many just love the free stuff and subsidies.  

Ky Hunting Outfitter Trends


Kentucky Hunting Guides

 This seems like a fun topic. Do you want the good or bad trends first? Kentucky turkey hunts are increasing in popularity and it may be because of attentions spans. It could be because time off of work and the global economy getting more efficient leading to more competitions and less free time available. Ok- That’s like macroeconomics and who cares about that stuff! This is about Kentucky hunting. There is some truth to people not willing to sit in the woods for hour and hours in cold with very little to do vs. turkey hunting where you’re not out there for that long and it’s not during a super cold time of the year. You get to call, and calling in turkey is encouraged, vs. trying your best to call in big bruiser trophy whitetails. Calling in deer is sometimes not recommended by ky outfitters.    

Kentucky Turkey Hunting Lease

  Kentucky Turkey Hunting Lease   How much fun is turkey hunting? If you like the outdoors, like the action, like being stealthy, like the stalk, but don’t have time to invest that trophy deer hunting takes, then turkey hunting in Kentucky may be for you. It’s a sport that requires preparation, pretty much the same tools and equipment deer hunting, does, but it’s just nowhere near as expensive. And of course one of the major benefits to turkey hunting is that it’s not during the real cold winter days! It’s when you can go out in the woods for an hour or two and hit optimum hunting times. You can call and communicate with the birds which is a lot of fun!   

So what do you use when you go turkey hunting? Well, it’s pretty much illegal to use any type of rifle. Shotguns are ideal. 410, 20 gauge or 12 gauge are the most common weapons. Do you need a blind to hunt out of? Not really, you can brush in something yourself or hunt out of a ground plant that will help conceal any movements. Kentucky turkey do have very sharp eyes, but thats not all, they usually have about 10-30 eyeballs looking around as they travel in groups.    

How much does it cost to do a quality turkey hunt in Kentucky? You’ll surf the websites but I think the average cost for Kentucky turkey hunting with an outfitter will run $650 per person? This price can easily hit $1,200 of course, but I really shouldn’t write in $$ values because with inflation, these prices change over time. Will turkey hunts cost 1 million dollars each? Yes. They already do, must not in U.S. dollars.    

You get to buy calls, buy decoys that actually work! Unlike deer decoys, turkey decoys contribute to a much higher success rate. They make for great up and close video as well. Shots are within 50 yards and it’s sort of tough to miss with a shot gun. This is an excellent sport to introduce kids too just because of the amount of time you have to invest into the woods and the different encouraged acitvities and movements that take place during a turkey hunt.   

Do it Yourself Hunting

Should outfitters be required to have licenses?

Kentucky turkey hunting

Profesional Hunting Guide Regulations

Answer: I don’t know. 

Do we require people to have licenses when they have garage sales? When they rent homes? Mowing lawns? When people sell homes as real estate agents?   Regulation comes from the need to people dealing with a high volume number of clients or customers. In this case, being a Kentucky hunting outfitter selling Kentucky deer hunts would not qualify as a “high volume” number of customers. One McDonalds store deals with more customers in 1 hours than any Kentucky outfitter deals in several years. On the flip side, how may oil reserves are tapped into by major oil companies per year? It’s probably not that many, but shouldn’t they have a license? So there is room to debate on both sides.

Hunting in Kentucky

 Deer hunting in Kentucky is not that big of an industry. Profits made after expenses are minimal probably with the real winners being the out-of-state hunters. Kentucky hunting guides would really have to charge about quadruple to 8X as much to justify it being a good business to feed a family on and there isn’t an appetite to pay $25,000 to shoot a whitetail deer. It’s a fun side job that mixes in with the enjoyment of a hobby to many.    Now government might make a real estate professional pay a $25 per year annual fee for a license. And the real estate industry takes that further and created a “Board of Realtors” to create a club of people holing the practice to a higher standard. (Translation: stopping ma and pa from selling homes and taking a piece of the “rich mans pie”). 10% of real estate sales people make 90% of the money and that is a fact. The extra endorsement supposedly means you are super duper and “really” care about the profession. This type of non-sense exists in all industries and there is nothing wrong with it at all. I just get tired of reaching the “super duper” status, then some bureaucrat creates another “super super duper duper” distinction that I have to go and pay money for. 

Do Politicians and the Outdoors Mix?

Some people like to race, fish and hunt…others like to feel like they are smarter than you and can better tell you how to live your life.   What some states have done, after being lobbied by their wealthy land-owner outfitter friends, is to charge a outfitter licensing fee of $2,000. I believe this was passed by the state of Illinois because too many 80 year old ladies were leasing out their land to hunters for $1,000 all year long and it upset the “high-end outfitters”. Or that the 80 year old ladies grandson decided he wanted to sell hunts on his grandmas land for $300 per hunter vs. the $3,500 typically charged in the area. So this law stopped the small guy from trying make a few thousand dollars to go on a vacation once a year. So land owners who couldn’t afford the $2,000 licensing fee would then just “lease” the property to hunters and offer no “guide service” or “cooking service”. Which evolved into do-it-yourself hunts. 

Turkey Hunting Outfitters

Any time “the rich” tries to interfere with the small guy trying to work a job, I personally take issue with it and fight for the small guy.   Kentucky deer hunting and the fisheries and wildlife department will learn from the mistakes of traditional big deer states. Kentucky is more old school with so many counties still being “dry” with no liquor sales permitted. You can’t buy alcohol on Sundays (even during the super bowl) and things of that nature. The people of Kentucky apply a little more common sense to their lifestyle and aren’t in as big of a rush to turn everyone into little efficient robots.   In the end, there is no “exam” to get a Kentucky outfitter license. It won’t make anyone any better or more qualified. I’m pretty certain life-long deer hunters and Kentucky outfitters know their stuff when it comes to hunting. It just will take away $2,000 out of the pockets of someone working (costs are usually passed along to the consumer anyway) and handing it to someone sitting at home collecting a check choosing not to work.