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Kentucky Deer Hunting Lease

deer hunting in Kentucky

Why Not Lease land to hun in Kentucky?

I don’t know any hunter or Kentucky hunting outfitter that would not be interested in Kentucky deer hunting leases (not ohio deer hunting leases:). The reality is so much of the property in the state is useless unless it’s for hunting or recreational purposes. So with land costing 100’s of thousands of dollars that can only be used for hunting, and they are only wanting $3,000 to lease it to hunt, I’d say that’s a pretty good bargain! A mortgage payment on any piece of hunting land is going to be a minimum of $25,000 per year up to $50,000 per year; let’s keep it within reason. Million dollar properties are just 500 acres or more. A mortgage on a million bucks is $75,000 per year…and that is a 30 year mortgage.   So with that information, let’s just say the bare minimum is $25,000 to own the land. And you want to lease it for $3,000 to use it for the only thing the land is good for? Now the property owner has taxes, upkeep, liability insurance (which is a killer), etc. Trees falling down in the trails, then you have kids and grandkids who want to use the property to ride 4-wheelers on or go hunting on. I think you’re starting to see how leasing land in KY is becoming harder and harder. 

Deer Hunting Leases Are Rare

You really need to find someone in their 70’s who isn’t really concerned about lawsuits. These people often times don’t worry about lawyers because they don’t have much money in their mind. These types of people from the past didn’t realize their land was worth more than they’ve made their entire lives if you add every year up. Populations and information is so advanced that finding a random piece of Kentucky land to lease for hunting is a very hard thing to do.   Then you have Kentucky hunting outfitters or professional guide services who can offer property owners a piece of mind for having some liability insurance. These people will pay the property owner a good guaranteed year after year price without the property owner having to shop from year to year looking for the right people to lease it who won’t be bringing in 4-wheelers tearing up the place along with 10 or 15 of their friends. These professional outfitters do this for a living. It’s like the businessman in Louisville who hears of property and the cheap or some type of commercial property in a stressed situation with a bank that doesn’t advertise the potential foreclosure, who has an in with the bank…and a random Kentucky Outfitter thinks they can compete in this city market and located great deals in Louisville real estate; it’s just not going to happen.   

If I Had My Way

It would be ideal for most hunters and even outfitters to lease land from people who don't need it. The situation with people who own land is that they even if they have never hunted in their life, they understand demand for whitetail hunting.  It's also understood land is becoming harder and harder find and they are chopping it up to sell for a higher $$ per acre every day.

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