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Kentucky Turkey Hunting

kentucky turkey hunting

Do you need a professional hunting guide?

So do you want to do some Kentucky turkey hunting? Do you need a professional hunting guide? Everything is relative to the amount of spare money a person has, but most people are going to do what fits into their personality and experience. Some people like to be in the outdoors alone or with some close friends, others appreciate the extra added help that will increase chances of success. The reality is 100% of all hunters needed someone smarter than them at some point to show them the ropes. Not everyone had a father who was an outdoorsman. Not everyone had friends that liked turkey hunting and you were able, at a young age, to discuss all the dumb things and learn growing up. There is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not a Kentucky turkey hunting guide should be sought after.   

Kentucky turkey hunts

Kentucky Turkey Hunt

I could make the argument that there is more skill teachable skills required during a Kentucky turkey hunt vs. a Kentucky deer hunt. When it comes to trophy deer hunting, the work is put in out of the season trying to attract the deer and keep pressure low. The hunter just needs to come with scent free clothing, be able to shoot and sit still. That’s it. Being mindful of probably travel direction of deer in correlation to the wind, etc., comes into play as well, but…I just told you. So, now you now how to deer hunt! Ok- it’s not that simple, but going out turkey hunting requires a person’s skill when it comes to decoy placement or turkey calling. Anyone can sit still and be silent. You can teach a 9 year old that in 9 seconds. How about doing the right type of calling and duration of calling? 

kentucky turkey season

Kentucky Turkey Hunting

When it comes to Whitetail Kentucky hunts, I’d simply suggest no calling! Again, if you’re using an outfitter who has optimized their mineral program, feeding program, has perfect food plots, etc., the work has been done there and you don’t need to try and attract bucks to your area. There is no right or wrong answer to this debate either; I’m just trying to create a little outdoor conversation.   Going Kentucky turkey hunting is fun! There is action. You don’t get bored. There is something to do. The problem is finding a decent KENTUCKY HUNTING LEASE. Most Kentucky land has turkey roaming; that’s not the issue. The issue is simply finding someone that trusts you enough not to sue them if something goes bad. That is the single most reason why there is a need for Kentucky outfitters. Old timers and landowners don’t want to risk being sued. Granted, if a hunter sues someone they pretty much will only get an annoyance $5,000 payoff by the insurance company. Very rarely will you find a landowner or a KENTUCKY OUTFITTER to willfully, knowingly and intentionally putting others in harms way. It’s just not normal. That’s stuff serial killers do and upset boyfriends wanting to fight a guy who looked at his girl. When you’re doing the best you can, year-round, feeding deer and turkey, putting in food plots, etc., you are working in the best interest of hunters and certainly not plotting to get them injured.  

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