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Trail Cam Photos

Kentucky trophy buck

Is it woth it for Kentucky Outfitters?

Trail Cam Photos   Trail cam photos is morphing into a JC Penny catalog that hunters want to see prior to “shopping”. I hate to see deer hunting (not shooting) morph into a participation trophy for only those who can afford to spend good money to go hunting. Kentucky outfitters are in a position to where they need to meet the needs of their clients and hunters. If that’s what people want, then that is what these passionate property owning hunters will offer other hunters. 

Despite my weariness of the direction of hunting in the wild with a gun, trail cam photos are important for several reasons.    

#1 – It’s nice to see what are some of the bigger bucks floating around 

#2 – And this is the most important part, if you know there are big bucks in the area, you are more likely to gut out the cold weather and say in your stand just a little big longer.   

The downside to trail cam photos is really on the outfitter. They are now spending $500 per year on batteries, spending $10,000 on trail cameras, spending $1,000’s on fuel just to check the cameras, spending $1,000’s of dollars in “labor” and just checking the cameras. Let’s not forget all the money lost on stolen cameras and broken cameras as well. Then they spend $1,000’s of dollars in “labor” reporting those deer photos to potential customers. It really turns into a full-time job which is great for the consumer! The more information you have, the more of an informed decision on how you spend your hard earned money.