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Kentucky Hunting Lease

Kentucky hunting land

What type of hunting do you prefer?

What type of hunting do you want to do? There is no right or wrong answer here. It really depends on your style and being honest with yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:   · 

Are you alert when you are out hunting? 

Be honest. Some people, like myself, like to shut your eyes and open them regularly. · Are you on your phone a lot texting people? 

Do you play video games? ·

 Do you pay extra special attention to being as scent free as you can? · 

Can you shoot 250 yards? · 

What type of Kentucky trophy buck are you looking to harvest? · 

Do you enjoy hunting in thick woods…hearing deer walk, but not being able t see them? 

Do you want a temporary Kentucky hunting lease?· 

Do you prefer being able to potentially see 30 deer in a corn field 500 yards away? · Do you have a personal belief that big deer don’t wonder into open corn fields during shooting hours?   

So ask yourself these things then determine what type of deer hunting in Kentucky you think would suit you the best? 

Do you like hunting on or near corn auto-feeders? 

Do you like hunting for food plots for deer?

Do you like hunting from the ground? If you’re on your phone a lot, then you have something to do with your time and likely not to get frustrated sitting deep in the woods. The key is staying in the woods.