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Kentucky Deer Poachers

Deer poachers

How do Deer Poachers fit in?

Kentucky deer poachers   My day was going good until the thought of terrorists came to my computer. And yes, terrorists! Anyone who impacts my life and hurts it is a terrorist. Some people have different forms of terror they have to deal with. If you choose to have open boarders and you choose to live in a sanctuary cities and you choose to live underwater where sharks are that , by nature, want to kill you, then that is your problem. I personally don’t believe I need to mix with sharks, bears, or alligators because they have no problem killing me. So why don’t I just hang around organisms like myself, that I know don’t want to kill me just because I’m a human or a certain type of human? It’s called probability. The innocent church going insurance company owners are master odds-makers and professional bookies, but we don’t begrudge them.   Back on point. 

Free Pensions & Healthcare for Poachers

I have a double standard on deer poachers. If an old timer, or a young guy with a family recognizes he needs to feed his family and he chooses to kill deer to keep the fridge full, then so be it! The fact this “criminal” doesn’t sit back and rely on his welfare credit card makes me feel a little good about his decisions. Now if he’s a jerk that is shooting big bucks at night, that’s a different story. That type of person is “cheating” the system to get “trophies”. I don’t consider hunting for food cheating the system.   If the government wants to put a stop to those hurting Kentucky deer hunts, then they should make the fines stiff and have me make rules for Kentucky hunting guides. I feel the same way about thefts and murder. It’s all about a deterrent. Once you reach an age of maturity, should we start cutting off fingers? How about under 25 years of age…should we allow you to conceal your poor judgements by just cutting off toes? I won’t give you my opinion, but if we actually punish people instead of giving them healthcare, let the play poker all day long, feed them, and give them a lifetime pension in prison, we might become a better place. Yes…I realize we could put some private prisons out of business, but that’s a different story.