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Success Rates for Kentucky deer hunts

Success Rates

Kentucky Hunting Outfitter Language

One of the magical questions when considering a Kentucky whitetail deer hunt to an outfitter is, “What is your success rate?” A lot of Kentucky outfitters will try to get you close to this number and some keep track of it like the IRS keeps track of Donald Trump. I’m a former gambler who likes to be exact and leave myself with outs if. I think it’s fair to say that a success rates is an outdoorsman’s best honest guess; and that is all that can be expected. In different articles I write about the assumption is that the higher the % of success rate, then the more attractive booking a hunt with that Kentucky hunter outfitter looks. I suggest that we need to be careful with the high success rate numbers because it could turn into a “participation trophy” and a pat on the back for having more money than other hunters. Most hunters want this to be a skill game.  

Success Rates Continued

 Back to success rates vs. harvest rates during ky deer season. Should you consider management does into a success rate? Different outfitters have different policies and how they compute these numbers. I’m just suggesting that we might be putting too much “money ball tactics” into the concept of deer hunting. It’s smart don’t get me wrong and it’s likely a very small percentage of the hunters actually factor in all these variables. I know when I was younger and had time to hunt, you went wherever somebody would let you hunt. Or you’d randomly go on whatever state land you could find, locate a rub on tree, and that is where you hunted.    So is it fair to include does being shot into the harvest rates? If I had to guess, when someone is paying for Kentucky deer hunts, the Kentucky outfitters know this and they refer to success rates relating to those looking to shoot a Kentucky trophy deer. The #1 thing Kentucky hunting outfitters want is repeat business! It means less introductions, less informational, less “selling” deer hunts to others, etc.   

How to keep Whitetail Deer Out of a Garden

Keeping Deer Away

Deer attraction issues

Keeping deer out of your garden  We know how to attract deer for a quality Kentucky deer hunting experience: Food plots Low pressure Habitat and cover Corn feed Mineral program   So how do you keep whitetails out of your food plots and gardens? How many of you have went to the local barbershop and asked for hair scraps. These people sweep up hair by the ton. You get that and put them in onion sacks around your food plot or garden. How did that work for you? It’s been my experience that this method may work for a few days, but that may be just because it’s a new odor to them that they will get used to in no time. It’s not like a CS gas that some products claim to be able to aboslutley deter deer. 

Deer Fencing

Deer fencing

When you offer Kentucky deer hunts that aren’t cheap, people expect quality food plots, so we go out of our way to make this happen. I even tied on plastic Wal-Mart bags periodically, which probably had an added effect. Is this something you want to see and hear at you peaceful garden though just outside of your home? Kentucky deer hunting is one thing, going out of your way for that monster Kentucky trophy buck is a great reason to be inconvenienced, but not for a simple garden.   The last thing that comes to mind is spread malorganite or some type of fertilizer that stinks something awful. I think it claims to have a little human waste in it as well, but I’m not sure. Like anything else, animals will get used to certain smells as long as they aren’t offensive enough. 

Deer Attraction

high fence hunting

I wrote an entire section about the types of deer fencing that appear to have been accidentally erased.  Any barrier you can put between whitetail deer and the food source they are trying to reach will be helpful and probably solve the problem, but what limits do we have as far as looks?  Nobody wants to look at ugly fencing when they are trying to raise a beautiful garden just because of some critters.  And deer have the ability to lean over 5 foot fences to much on lush soft fresh growth of flowers.  And they can jump over any height of fencing, so that approach just isn't an option either.

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