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Awesome Outfitter Deer Blinds

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Keys to a good deer blind

There are a few key principals that can then be broken down for analysis.    

1. Cover and concealment is not #1 on this list because what good does it do you to be well hidden out of site from the Kentucky trophy whitetail if you can’t see him? So #1 would be field of view – Being able to see a decent range beyond the limits of your weapon of choice would be ideal. It’s always best that you get eyes on your deer before they are able to locate you with their eyes or sense of smell.  There are amazing deer blinds for sale, but we need to use some common sense also.

On a paid Kentucky deer hunt, you need to work every angle that will give you higher odds of success in the long-run. 

Other factors under this point would be: · 

Are there branches in your way? Even if you could see a mature buck, could you get a clean shot off? · 

Is your seat tall enough? Are the windows located in ideal spots that limit your overall body movement? · When you do need to move or get your weapon in place, is there good enough cover behind you that is not silhouetting yourself to the animal? · 

Is your blind elevated tall enough? 

Is it too tall? · Does your blind squeak or does your chair squeak? ·

 Are you likely to hit your weapon on a part of your blind that will make a loud noise? ·

 Is your blind located up wind or down wind of where it’s more likely that you will see deer?  · 

Where is the food plot or feed pile in relationship to the prevailing wind? · 

Is the blind itself disguised amongst the environment or is a ulta-violent consuming machine that standouts like a sore thumb in the woods? 

2. Also very important element of a blind is it being comfortable to the Kentucky deer hunter. Are you more likely to spend 4 hours out in the cold or in the woods sitting on an uncomfortable chair? 

Kentucky hunting outfitters should be like professional gamblers when it comes to maximizing odds for their hunters. Now, it’s a regular practice for hunting lodges to require their hunters to stay in the woods all day long. Success rates can plummet if you get too many pre-madonna hunters sitting out in blinds for 90 minutes in the morning then arriving late to their stands at night. This type of hunting tactic is why professional hunting guide services come in handy. They are like personal trainers. They will strongly encourage you to be on time and out in the woods hunting so you can have a successful hunting trip vs. a well relaxed vacation.