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Kentucky Hunting Lease


We All Need a Place to Turkey and Deer Hunt

What is better than locating a Kentucky hunting lease for $1,000 allowing you to access the property year-round for hunting? I really can’t think of a better situation than someone owning a $500,000 property and allowing you to use it for pretty much the main reason it even exists…to hunt! 

As time exists and the population grows with humans who take sole ownership of land, it’s inevitable that land not only gets more expensive, but it will continue to get chopped up into smaller and smaller pieces. Very similar to cities. Sooner or later, we have to start building up instead of out due to fuel and travel costs in relationship of an organisms ability to feed itself and survive.   Until a mass extinction event takes place or some type of biological devastation to the human race happens, recreational properties will continue to go up in price and continue to get gobbled up by urban sprawl that morphs into “city living”.    

The good news is people can still afford Kentucky hunting leases! The bad news is the folks who didn’t believe in suing people are all but dead! The other bad news is the “old people” who didn’t worry about liability insurance and people suing them are all but dead as well. The age we live in today, going out hunting on some random farmers property with permission is pretty much non-existent. Deer hunting has hit the mainstream and it’s value is well televised through traditional media as well as social media. 

There is a flip side to the above argument. Are kids getting more satisfaction about high-scores on video games? How many kids do you know are just as happy “shooting” animals on a video game? How many kids are just as happy playing soccer, football and baseball through video games rather than in real life? Should we frown on this? We all have physical limitations that prevent us from being professional athletes. Well, I should say due to physical requirements of being a football and basketball player, most of us by default are not allowed to play in those professional leagues. There are sports that still create equal playing grounds, but that’s an entirely different subject.    Being a professional athlete I relate it to the combustible engine. Why does an engine go fast? Historically its based upon how much oxygeon you can cram down the engine. I believe the same holds true for human muscles in relationship to oxygeon depletion and their ability to work over time repairing itself, etc. So those with the ability to funnel more oxygeon into their bodies over 25 years will have an unfair advantage. Similarly, cubic inches in engines place a factor as far as horsepower. Usually, the bigger the engine, the faster it goes (assuming traction limitation are not in place). So didn’t Lance Armstrong have a mutated heart 30% larger than the average human? Should these abnormal mutations be allowed to compete with the average human being? Is the future of “fairness” in sports going to boil down to DNA testing, hormone and chromosome counts? I don’t know, but should we stop the efforts of creating an equal playing ground just based on skin color? To me the most discriminated people are short and overweight. They are treated differently from an early age and face the most challenging of situations their entire lives, but nobody speaks up for them. 

How is that for 7 degrees of separation from talking about a Kentucky hunting lease?