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Planting deer food plots

stripping food plots

What does it mean to strip food plots?

What is stripping deer food plots? Let’s let the novice Kentucky deer hunter get caught up with us. Stripping good plots is a method to either rotate crops, to create a buffet of food to the wildlife, and/or my favorite, so we can watch and see when and what the deer prefer the most! There is a little more to it than that. We can see what food sources tend to grow in our soil types, climate and the amount of shade our actual food plot offers. 

There is also one of my theories, applying to selling of Kentucky deer hunts, is that a Kentucky outfitter who enjoys looking and improving his land is someone you probably want to hunt with.   I enjoy doing things that are visually attractive to me as well! I like to see bright green cereal rye in the winter and Spring. 

I like to see stripped food plots and look at the stems, learning where the deer to prefer to eat and why. Whatever you do as a Kentucky hunting outfitter, it better be because you enjoy it. If anyone get’s into the selling of trophy deer hunts to make money by the hours, my advice would be not to pay attention to the hours you put in. It’s something everyone gets involved with because they love doing it. Some outfitters get lucky and inherit land. Other outfitters are lucky enough to have a full-time career to support their passion of growing big deer for other people.    The visual appeal to stripped food plots I enjoy. I like the clean lines from plot to plot that shows-off the tremendous effort you went into creating a hunting paradise. 

So why strip as compared to plant blends? Shading is a big factor. Often times planting deer food plots that are blended can be a better answer because of the nitrogen fixing characteristics of legumes that can feed other plants. But let’s not forget, we are food plotters! We don’t care about spending money and maximizing “profits per acre” such as farmers do who plant 1,000’s of acres. That’s the one flaw I read with a lot of blogs. People act as if we’re not wasting money just by deer hunting. It’s much cheaper going to the grocery store and paying by the pound! The argument that you like lean healthy meat? Come on… hunters are known for their veganism, non smoking and non drinking ways.