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Kentucky Deer Hunts

Kentucky Deer Hunts


The whitetail of Kentucky aren’t necessarily unique from other deer in geographical regions. Whitetail deer are Whitetail deer I guess and compared to “Mule deer”. What determines the size of the animal has more to do with human interaction than anything else. Whether that is humans with urban sprawl pushing away the deer from the area or humans allowing hunting season to go unchecked.   Poorly regulated Deer Management – This is done from a few different ways. 

Whitetail Outfitters


Government can destroy the deer hunting sport in your state when those in power have chosen the side of the rich man in the insurance industry over the sport. Some people, just like the computers on the movie Matrix, they’d prefer we all like predictably, like a computer, go to work, come home, pump liquid in our stomaches, sleep in a high-rise apartment, go to work, come home, go to sleep, etc. I’m not even sure I’d want to live in such an environment where all that matters is where you get your hair done, what clothing line you are wearing, what part of the city you live in and if you have a nice car. Those people’s lives evolve around the nice restaurant they eat. That’s it. That’s their hobby.    

Wildlife Management


Now the flip side to those people making big money is that there are some cool people who blend in withthem and with the country folks who like the outdoors. These people have the money to spend in on some quality Kentucky deer hunting.   The other way Kentucky deer hunts have become more popular is because of the quality deer management that we have at the state level. They only allow 1 buck per hunter to be taken in the state. Does this suck? Sort of…but it’s needed to produce bigger and better bucks over time. The end result is larger bucks that are competing with the big corn fed Illinois bucks. Kentucky has crept up on an industry that was hoarded by the folks out west making 100’s of millions of dollars over the decades. Kentucky has a huge advantage over many states because of the hills. You can’t build subdivisions, Wal-Marts and apartments in the hills. So there are pockets of safe havens for mature Kentucky bucks.  

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