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Hunting in Kentucky over Alfalfa Deer Food Plots

alfalfa food plot

Hunting over Alfalfa

Kentucky deer hunt over alfalfa   Who hasn’t hunted over alfalfa? Ironically enough, many people haven’t. It’s discouraged by so many professional writers that it’s a tough crop to maintain and keep weevils out of. Too main claims of these critters wiping out the entire cop. I think it scares a lot of food plotters to avoid planting this tasty, long-rooted food plot. 

Alfalfa foot plotting

Personally, I like the scare tactics and want people to stop planting alfalfa in Kentucky deer food plots. It’s one of the best tasting and favored food sources available to deer, so if more of my neighbors are planting it, the less likely deer are to go out of their way to visit my Kentucky deer hunting land.  Alfalfa is also great for turkey food plots as well.   Why do people write scathing articles of the required upkeep of alfalfa? Well, because it’s true! Alfalfa requires pesticide, mowing and is vulnerable to a weevil attack. Should that ever stop a food plotter? No way! Kentucky hunting outfitters aren’t afraid of spending $7.35 on a dose of chemical to put on their alfalfa food plot! The notion that anyone deer hunting cares about saving $20 is something the “farmer types” needs to understand. We don’t care about $100 here and there. We don’t care about over spending to produce good foot plots because we aren’t in this for the money! Food plotting and hunting is a passion. You don’t see Kentucky deer hunting outfitters accumulating millions of dollars of farm equipment, and planting 1,000’s of acres of crops in the Spring and Fall. We simply don’t need to worry about the margins like farmers need to. Farmers are advised by professionals that if they set their seeding machine at 6.75 inches a part vs. 7 inches a part, they will get 564.234 parts per million more sunlight which results in a 1.7% increase in harvest rates, etc., etc. In farmers world, that is the different between buying new equipment the following year vs. in our world it equates for $17.    Alfalfa is preferred by Kentucky horses right? We all know alfalfa is more expensive than clover and that is for a reason. It tastes better! 

Kentucky Outfitter Passion

With that said, most Kentucky outfitters have multiple jobs, but still enjoy the challenges of alfalfa. If you don’t have much time in your life, then you can still plant alfalfa! It only takes 1 or 2 extra trips of spraying with equipment; it’s just not an issue. This is for something you love remember, it’s not about taking out the trash or repainting a deck.