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Kentucky Bow Hunting

Kentucky bow hunting

Bow Hunting in Kentucky

People who hunt recognize bow hunting requires much more skill when it comes to Kentucky deer hunting. Most people start their hunting careers with a rifle then move onto wanting to hunt more than just a few days. Going to archery hunting allows people to spend 10X the amount of time in the woods or more. That might be the single most reason hunters enjoy bow hunting as compared to gun hunting.   

Bow Hunting vs. Gun Hunting

Argument: Well, some will say, “I like the challenge of a bow. You can’t shoot deer as away.” Well, that is a human talking. Distance is relative. Why not gun hunt, but only agree that you’ll shoot a buck 500 yards or further away. Then the argument becomes, “Well that’s not sporty because you risk wounded the deer.” And back it goes, “Well you’re at a greater risk wounding the deer, by your own admission, due to the fact it’s harder to shoot a deer with a bow than a gun.” And the stories and debates by the deer camp fire go on and on.   The reality is to shoot a trophy buck with a bow is a true trophy. Not many people do it. And some people do it over and over and over. The deer’s sense of smell is well known. A rifle takes that advantage completely aways from the deer (for the most part). For a hunter to create an reason/environment for that animal to actually come within 50 years of you is another feat. Whether it’s food plots, game trails, bait, scent use, rattling them in, or choosing to right location to ambush the animals on it’s was from bedding to food, it’s all more difficult when you have to be located closer to the deers’ senses.   

Outdoor Challenge

Hunting deer in Kentucky is not an easy proposition whether it’s with a bow or gun hunting. A mature buck and doe will “bust” you and warn all their friends danger is near.    Being able to do bow hunts successfully in Kentucky is also a function of time. Sooner or later, people grow older or more involved into their careers, and many have to transition back to gun hunting from Kentucky bow hunting because they may only have a few days per year to spare sitting in the woods.  

Gun Hunts vs. Bow Hunts